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Rythian Enderborn
I am drenched in purple blood, my once scarlet red fluid long gone.
My bright shimmering eyes cursed by a violet gleam.
I lie here on the ground in a puddle of blood which isn't mine, thinking about shames denser than any fog.
My eternal hunger as I sought revenge, now it ends here with a Katar in my heart.
Defeated by someone whom I could not fight for my dormant feeling would shatter me.
Taking more lives than anyone could bear, I hide behind my mask.
Finding courage deep at heart she thought enough!
Piercing mine with utter care, for could not bare to see me suffer.
Lying here in dirt and blood as life slowly drains from me.
Seeing her pity and weeping face as sobs rack her features.
Sounds emerged from far away, loud gasps and flooding sorrows.
Knowing steps of the one I quite despise, for I have failed my only task.
Tall and proud above my corpse, the one I sought to slay.
There stood he, with a smirk tickling on his face.
Yet a hint of sadness, for he was not the one to kill.
I t
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 4 2
Demi's and basics part one
''Are you sure this will give the information we need?'' Deadlox asked nervously. ''Wouldn't want to get into trouble, not now.'' The duo followed the small fairy-like creature closely. ''Yea sure, here in Argon city you are safest when not in a gang.'' The fairy said. ''Besides if you don't do anything stupid there won't happen anything to you.'' They stopped at a club called the Celestial Vixonite, Sasha -The prancing fairy- gestured to the door. ''Right, no stupid things.'' Adam repeated. ''That shouldn't be hard.'' S'tah rolled his eyes. ''FYI, don't mess with Vixen.'' He said with a serious tone. ''People are missing because she has an overprotective father.'' Adam scratched his nose. ''So this is the club where she roams?'' Ty asked, more nervous than before. ''This is going to suck.'' S'tah placed his hand on Ty's shoulder. ''Don't worry, stay away from the outlander hybrid with electric blue eyes.'' He said trying to comfort him. ''But when she likes you, don't deny it.'' Adam
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 1 3
Making a spawn #2 by soundwave990 Making a spawn #2 :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 6 2 Making a spawn #1 by soundwave990 Making a spawn #1 :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 4 0
'Ruler' a minecraft parody
I'm waking up in a sky up town
Getting up to go back down
To the chest, getting gear
I'm moving up, then back down
Looking up, I simply frown
This is it I'm leaving now
I'm going down, diamond from head to toe
I'm heading down below
Welcome to a new world, to a new world
Welcome to a new world, this is my world
Woah, woah I am a ruler, there's nothin' cooler
Woah, woah I am a ruler, there's nothin' cooler
I raise my flag and my kingdom walls
I love it all, hear the calls
I paint it red, there we go
A sudden boom, surprise attack
I see it fall, there is no way back
This is it, I've lost it all
I'm going down, diamond from head to toe
Keeping my head down low
Welcome to a new world, to a new world
Welcome to a new world, a new world
Woah woah I am no ruler, thought it'd be cooler
Woah woah I am no ruler, thought it'd be cooler
All my honor gone
My pride hasn't died
Deep in my heart
Hate lashes out
I ran away, there goes my pretty town
Now I'm feeling pretty down
Welcome to
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 3 10
Trial to death CP4
They had escaped, but with a cost. The shock from about 500.000 volts right above the heart should've been fatal, he survived it... barely. 'If I wasn't there, it would've sucked for them if I wasn't there' Blaze said as she paced through the room. 'Who am I kidding, If it wasn't for my father...' She stopped, looking back at Ty who was lying peaceful in his bed. 'Then none of this would have happened.' Blaze leaned onto the wall and smashing her fist into it just afterwards, making Ty let out a slight groan. 'K-keep it d-down, I'm trying to die here.' Ty moaned opening his eyes slightly, revealing his bright amber eyes. 'Glad you haven't, we're not finished yet.' She said relieved. 'How are you feeling?' Ty looked blaze in the eyes but looked down distracted by an odd red stain. 'Why are you bleeding?' Deadlox said concerned. 'What do you mean? I changed shirt.' She looked down and saw the stain the left side of her chest. 'I think I have been shot, don't feel any pain though.' She co
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 0 12
The man of 34
There once was a man of 34
that always thought of many more
He got denied
by thought he lied
full of rage
thrown in a cage
revenge it was
without the fuzz
one day he escaped
he sat and wait
One day at home
alone after a roam
he made a plan
for just a man
far from society
he came with lots of variety
many letter and words
from here to twin lords
he tried to explain
his infamous name
again he denied
he thought he lied
with a broken moan
he returned back home
There once died a man of 34
too bad he died as just a man and nothing more
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 0 0
Trial of death CP3
After the fight Blaze never underestimated Deadlox again, with days passing like syrup and the constant laughter of defeat, Blaze had no other choice but to escape. 'Deadlox?' She asked softly. 'Would you like to go?' Deadlox looked up at her. 'What do you mean?' He said standing up from his bed. 'Out?' Deadlox softly said 'Out.' She repeated. They planned, well she planned everything, her abilities were to no concern to him... yet. 'The plan is simple.' She said carefully looking out of her cell. 'Well? Spill it, you haven't told me anything.' Ty proclaimed. 'In time, now is not the time.' Blaze said, she finally stepped into the cell. 'Ready?' Ty's eyes widened. 'Now?' Blaze nodded, her hands started to glow blue. She held her collar tightly and snapped it into pieces, after a short look at her hand she turned back to Deadlox. 'I though your spells didn't work here.' Ty swiftly said. Blaze swiftly grabbed hold of Ty's collar and snapped it of. 'You don't know allot about me.'
The yel
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 1 0
The trail to death CP2
'Do you think he's dead?' A voice said to break a long silence that came before. 'No he isn't, just shut up will you.' Another voice yelled to the first. 'W-what's going o-on?' Deadlox said as he slowly opened his amber colored eyes. 'Well look at that, he's actually waking up' The second person smirked. 'You were right Blaze, he isn't dead.' Blaze gave him a spiteful look. 'Will you shut up! Go away!' Deadlox softly chuckled. 'How are you? Blaze asked when returning back to him. 'F-fine, just dizzy' Deadlox said grabbing hold of his head. 'They usually do that.' Blaze said. 'Do what?' Deadlox opened one eye. 'Oh wait, I forgot I'm the only sorcerer here.' She smirked. 'Sadly I am unable to use my spells.' Blaze went on. 'Why don't your spells work?' Ty asked as he let go of his head and stood up. 'If you haven't noticed, we have collars on.' Blaze said as he helped him up. 'I did indeed notice, but you're not the 'only' sorcerer here' Deadlox said with a grin on his face. 'Well then i
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 4 13
The trail to death CP1
'You must awake' 'you must awake now!' A voice said booming. 'Urgh' Deadlox mumbled as he tied to lift his head. He opened his eyes only to see himself stranded on a small end-stone island in the middle of the void. 'Where the hell am I?' He wondered as he pulled himself to his knees. He looked around, nothing. He looked down and saw himself in a puddle of blood. 'Is that all mine' He said shocked by the thought. 'It was quite the fight' A voice said loud in his head. 'Ouch! not so hard' Deadlox shouted in pain as he could here the peep in his ears. 'Wait, what do you mean fight?' He asked to the voice in his head. 'Can't you remember?' the voice asked subtle. 'You kicked their asses.'
Deadlox closed his eyes but sprang open as he felt a burning pain coming from his covered-up eye. 'Arg!' He screamed, the pain unbearable, he pushed aside his hair and felt the deep cut right across his eye. He looked down at the puddle of blood and saw his eyes glowing, so was his arm. Markings and sign
:iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 4 19
Sunburst by soundwave990 Sunburst :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 3 0 Angel's shuffle by soundwave990 Angel's shuffle :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 4 6
Mature content
Dead and gone, Minecraft parody :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 1 14
Female Razer by soundwave990 Female Razer :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 6 4 Oliver Queen by soundwave990 Oliver Queen :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 1 0 Robot saviour by soundwave990 Robot saviour :iconsoundwave990:soundwave990 1 0


Dragon Ball Super 25 God Of Dectruction by IITheYahikoDarkII Dragon Ball Super 25 God Of Dectruction :iconiitheyahikodarkii:IITheYahikoDarkII 163 24 OW: D.Va by Weissidian OW: D.Va :iconweissidian:Weissidian 148 2 KTE: Unicron 's Sentence by Naihaan KTE: Unicron 's Sentence :iconnaihaan:Naihaan 221 18 'After The End!' part 180 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 180 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 22 7 Lars Alexandersson ( Sketch ) by DevianEvil-91 Lars Alexandersson ( Sketch ) :icondevianevil-91:DevianEvil-91 10 4 [Tekken] Lars Alexandersson by monobun [Tekken] Lars Alexandersson :iconmonobun:monobun 81 7
Death Battle Quotes: Lars Alexandersson
name: Lars Alexandersson
from: Tekken
entrance: Lars walks up while talking on the phone before hanging up, putting it in his pockets, & takes a fighting stance.
1. I'll have to call you back. Got a situation, over here.
2. With all due respect, you should really stand aside.
3. If you want to stay alive, then move out of the way.
win: Lars turns around, cape flowing in the wind as he walks off.
1. You had your chance.
2. Alright, I'm finished here.
3. All done over here. I'm on my way.
results: Lars is on the phone
1. Alright, I see you. Can you see me waving? Good, stay there, okay?
2. I'm nearing your location. Just stay there.
Take care of this, for me.
(switched in)
Okay, let's go.
(when one ally is down)
We've got a casualty.
(when BOTH allies are down)
Okay, make that two.
(calling for assist)
Cover me!
(after performing assist)
I've got your back.
(defeat by light attack)
Ugh...I failed...
(defeat by strong attack)
:iconwpbcrazy:WPBcrazy 3 4
'After The End!' part 179 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 179 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 15 0 'After The End!' part 178 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 178 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 14 2 'After The End!' part 177 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 177 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 14 4 'After The End!' part 176 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 176 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 13 1 'After The End!' part 175 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 175 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 17 8 'After The End!' part 174 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 174 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 16 5 'After The End!' part 173 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 173 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 16 12 'After The End!' part 172 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 172 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 17 7 'After The End!' part 171 by SasumiYahiko 'After The End!' part 171 :iconsasumiyahiko:SasumiYahiko 15 8




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